Opening event - Test Phase

This event has ended.

Dear guests, blockchain community members, and fintech enthusiasts, we are pleased to invite you to an exciting event hosted by Gambit, a modern leveraged exchange built on the zkSync Era blockchain. As we celebrate the launch of our platform, we have prepared two special events to highlight Gambit's features and thank our valued community members.

The first event is the Gambit Achievement Contest. We encourage you to explore the platform and complete the contest objectives, then share your achievements on Twitter. Great prizes are waiting for those who succeed in this exciting challenge, so don't miss the chance to participate.

The second event is the USDC Staking Initiative(Starting June), aimed at strengthening our USDC vault. We are offering a 1:1 CNG reward for every USDC staked, up to the first 500,000 USDC. Plus, if you stake your USDC early, you'll receive a higher referral status, which could lead to even more rewards.

Both of these events showcase Gambit's powerful features and our commitment to building a strong, supportive community. Read more about them from the Event 1 and Event 2 pages below.

We invite you to join us in this exciting journey and be part of the Gambit experience!

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